I'm the guy.

I'm a serial entrepreneur with an enthusiasm for design and user experience. I enjoy nothing more than working with talented people who share in my passions for entrepreneurship and the Internet.

I've been creating and building internet startups since 1998. Back then I was co-founder and CEO of ImageCafe.com, the World's first online superstore of pre-fabricated websites for small businesses. ImageCafe was acquired for $23 million by Network Solutions/Verisign 7-months after we launched. Those were the good old days ;-)

In 2006, I founded Groupsite.com, a self-serve SaaS platform for building private, branded communities of interest. At present, Groupsite.com is profitable and powers more than 50,000 branded online communities. In 2011 after 6 years as Groupsite's CEO, in order to pursue other opportunities, I transitioned to the role of Executive Chairman where I continue to lead product vision and strategy.

After being an entrepreneur based in Maryland my entire career, in early 2011, I moved to Palo Alto - the heart of Silicon Valley - with the goal of doing it bigger and better. In pursuit of this goal, I recently co-founded Official, a startup lab where my partner and I create, bootstrap and launch innovative startup concepts.

Official's initial productions include: Progressly and LogoDazzle.

Progressly's mission is to empower the World's business to replicate success. It's a SaaS tool and marketplace that makes sharing and visualizing process know-how as easy as writing steps across a white board. Progressly renders processes visual, repeatable and sharable and makes the resulting progress transparent to team members, management or clients. Imagine a visual collaborative timeline that transfoms processes into projects.

LogoDazzle is an e-commerce marketplace of over 600 themed logo animations. We've created a market where one didn't exist before. With LogoDazzle, starting at just $99, any business owner can transform their logo into a compelling animation that can be used as an intro for a video, a presentation, a website or holiday email campaign. Simply choose a logo animation, upload your logo, and within 48 hours, watch your logo dazzle.

Additionally, I'm an occasional angel investor and former early stage venture capitalist at Venturepreneur Partners where I served as co-founding General Partner in 2004. Now 10 years later, due to changes in the early stage funding landscape, I've decided to launch VentureFund.io, a data-driven software platform and venture capital fund to assist entrepreneurs with gaining traction.

Other stuff: I've been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Forbes ASAP, and Entrepreneur Magazine and have been a guest on CNNfn and other media outlets. I've also been a TechCrunch Disrupt finalist and my entrepreneurial experiences are the subject of a Babson College case study.

I have a B.S. in Business Management from the Johns Hopkins University and an A.A. in Computer Aided Design for Architecture and Engineering. I serve on the board of trustees of Philadelphia University, one of the nation's leading design schools. I've also had the good fortune of being recognized as a distinguished alumnus of Johns Hopkins University in 2010 and was chosen as an honorary alumnus of the University of Maryland in 2006.

In my personal time, I enjoy spending time with my daughters, family and close friends. Prior to relocating to Palo Alto, CA, I attended most Maryland Terps basketball and Ravens football games. I'm still smiling over the Ravens' 2013 Super Bowl victory.