I'm building

At present I'm involved in building two
companies with great promise.

Role: Founder & CEO
Location: Palo Alto, CA

Progressly is a tool and a marketplace that delivers "Process Plans for Everyone." We are making the $8B+ Business Process Management (BPM) marketplace simple and accessible for the rest of us.

Progressly makes it easy for you to turn any process into visual, repeatable steps called flows. Flows make processes and the resulting progress, transparent to team members, management or clients.

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Watch 2-minute overview video.



Role: Founder & Exec. Chairman
Location: Palo Alto, CA

Groupsite.com (formerly CollectiveX) is a profitable SaaS social collaboration platform bringing together the most useful features of social networks and collaboration software to enable groups to combine social media with productive collaboration.

Groupsite's Enterprise Platform empowers organizations to create communities, connect teams and gain insights.

Currently more than 50,000 groups and over 1 million people use Groupsite.com daily to communicate, share and network.

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Role: See Groupsite
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Stage: Launch

Roundtable is a product of Groupsite.com Inc. that brings in-person-like collaboration to virtual teams by mimicing the experience of working together at a table making it possible to do more and meet less.

Roundtable enables teams to say it, share it, schedule it and do it with integarted chat, pinboard, to dos and video conferencing.

With Roundtable, teams are able to stay connected thoughout the workday in a way that enables individuals to communicate when natural breaks in productivity occur.

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