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Metamorphosis Studios Logo

(Acquired by Network Solutions/VeriSign)

Founded in 1998 at the height of the dot com boom as the Internet's first superstore of customizable websites to go, ImageCafe transformed the process of setting up a small business website. ImageCafe's online website superstore empowered small business owners to shop for a professional quality website from a library of hundreds of customizable website masters.

Just 7 months after in launched, ImageCafe was acquired by Network Solutions/Verisign for more then $23 million. Investors received an 11x return in 11 months.

Click here for the acquisition press release.

Metamorphosis Studios
(Acquired by MetaSolv)

Co-founded in 1993 along with business partner Andre Forde, Metamorphosis Studios was an interactive multimedia design firm that specialized in creating edutainment software, computer based training experiences and interactive multimedia presentations for CD-ROM software publishers. Clients included: Bingwa Software, Marriott Hotels, AMF Bowling and many others.

Metamorphosis Studios was acquired in early 1999 by MediSolv Inc.

The experience of running Metamorhosis Studios fueled my desire to build a product-oriented Internet company.

Envision Designs

Founded in 1991 while an undergraduate student studying architecture, Envision Designs provided Architectural Rendering and Animation services to area architects. By transforming architectural design drawings into 3D computer-generated models using AutoCAD then importing them into Autodesk 3D Studio, Envision Designs was able to produce computer generated, walk-thru animations that bought conceptual plans to life.

The experience of creating this company lead to my first summer consulting job, when at 19, I was contracted to establish an in-house CAD Division for E.M. Camino & Assoc. Architects & Planners.